How do I place the order?

We have made the process of placing the order simple and convenient for you.

STEP 1 — Selecting tyres

We have selected three main categories of tyres (for light motor vehicles, offroad, light truck vehicles)

You can select a tyre by typical size.

  • All of the products that you see on our website are available.
  • After selecting the tyre, have a look at its detailed description by clicking on the button (Learn more).

STEP 2 — Processing the order

  • After selecting the tyre, move to the Cart, where you are going to process the order.
  • In this section, you can activate the discount voucher manually or change the number of tyres.
  • You can remove or add a product.

STEP 3 — Placing the order

  • While placing the order, you must fill out the fields with an asterisk.
  • In this section, you have to specify the area, town, and delivery address.

STEP 4 — Selecting the method of payment

  • Select the method of payment, one of the three options:
  • Bank transfer to the bank account of “Wolf Tyres”
  • Buying easy with Liisi – payment by instalments
  • Credit card payment

STEP 5 — Order confirmation

  • To confirm the order, you must agree to the terms of purchase.
  • The order is regarded as having been confirmed after you have made a payment. We will send you a conformation letter.


Availability and product delivery

The range of our products in the online store of only includes the products available at our factory. It allows us to have the goods available in stock for our customers at all times.
The term of delivery of the products available at our online store is 1-2 working days all around Estonia.
Delivery is provided by our partners in logistics.
We start preparing the products for delivery right after you have made your payment.
Tyres are delivered at the address specified by the customer.

Cost of delivery

In order to calculate the cost of delivery, select the product and enter delivery address.

The cost of delivery of light motor vehicles is by agreement, depending on the quality and delivery address.


We provide 3-year factory warranty on all of the tyres sold at our online stores.
Since we manufacture tyres ourselves and believe in the products we are creating, we communicate with our customers directly, which is why we provide 3-YEAR production warranty or 50,000 mileage warranty to all of our customers for the tyres manufactured by Wolf Tyres, purchased in the amount from 4 pieces upwards.
During the transportation of the products from the warehouse of Wolf Tyres to the address specified by the customer, Wolf Tyres and its logistics partner bear responsibility for the products.
Please pay attention to the fact that the tyres produced by WOLF TYRES are authorized for use until the limiting wear of TWI sensor.

1. Manufacturer warranty covers faults both in the material and in production (manufacturing processes, i.e. tyre working capacity and the lack of any kind of defects in the result of production, provided that all requirements for transportation, storage, and service conditions have been complied with).

2. Warranty doesn’t apply if:

  • storage conditions have been inappropriate
  • the size of a wheel disk is not compatible with the tyre
  • a user has been using a misshapen, corroding, or inappropriate disk
  • a tyre has not been compatible with the vehicle in terms of size, structure, etc.
  • assembly has been inappropriate
  • axle geometry on the vehicle has been inappropriate
  • speed limit has been exceeded
  • a vehicle has been used under excessive pressure or underpressure
  • vehicle has been overloaded
  • the tyres have been used over the wear limit of the pattern
  • the tyres have been damaged in the result of an accident (fire, traffic accident, etc.)
  • a customer has modified the tyres (additional studding, threading, drilling holes, etc.)
  • a vehicle has mechanical damage
  • damage has been done deliberately
  • tyres have been damaged under the influence of external circumstances, both of accidental and deliberate nature (running into an obstacle, cuts, traffic accidents, fire, acts of vandalism on the part of the customer or third parties).

To ensure the validity of the warranty, please follow the rules below:

  • check and maintain pressure recommended by the manufacturer on a weekly basis
  • make sure the vehicle is not overloaded
  • remove the reason for uneven wear immediately
  • do your best to avoid sudden blows against tyres, especially against sharp objects
  • use nonskid chains in barely passable places only
  • avoid wheel slip when pulling off
  • if the vehicle is skidding, try to find out why and eliminate the cause
  • always run in studded winter tyres first: pull off and gather speed smoothly, do not accelerate to the speed of over 60 km/h at the first 500 km

3. Warranty is provided by Wolf Tyres OÜ, address Pargi 24 Voka, Toila rural municipality, Estonia.
4. The basis for the warranty is the invoice sent by e-mail.
5. For the guarantee event to be considered, a written claim must be filed, with the following data being specified:

  • Contact details of the customer (name, surname, address and phone number);
  • Date of purchase, documents confirming the purchase and the payment;
  • Date when the product has been installed/assembled on the vehicle; Documents confirming the assembly;
  • Date when the defect has been detected. Conditions and the assumed reason for defect; mileage of the vehicle with the product installed on it, photos depicting the defects of the product;
  • In the event of consideration of guarantee event by the manufacturer, the product must be displayed for inspection.
  1. 1. After the guarantee application has been submitted, we will get in touch with the applicant within 2-4 working days in order to specify additional information or the arrangement of transportation of the product to the premises of Wolf Tyres.
  2. 2. Wolf Tyres shall carry out an expertise with regard to faulty product. If the expertise confirms that the defect has been caused in the result of the production process, the tyre will be repaired, exchanged for a new one, or the cost of the product will be refunded. The average duration of expertise is up to 1 month.
  3. 3. If you disagree with the results of the expertise held by Wolf Tyres, the product will be sent for an independent expertise. If the result of an independent expertise matches the result of the expertise held by Wolf Tyres, the cost of independent expertise shall be incurred by the applicant. The average duration of expertise is up to 3 months.
  4. 4. If guarantee event is ruled out, Wolf Tyres has the right to issue invoices to the customer:

— all of the expenses related to carrying out an independent expertise

Return and exchange

If the product you have purchased is not suitable for some reason, the customer has the right to return the product within 14 days after the day of purchase and get a refund (in accordance with the general rules of the online store).

  • In order to execute the return of the product, you must fill in the relevant return form and send it to us by e-mail:
  • The refund for the goods that have been returned shall be paid to the bank account of the customer no later than within 14 days after receiving the product and the application from the customer.
  • If the product is returned, the customer shall be held responsible for the expenses related to the return, except for the cases when the product does not conform to the order. We will exchange the product for the appropriate one for free.
  • The product returned by the customer must not be used (tyres must not be used or installed on the vehicle, they must not be rolled smooth).
  • * return form – click on it and move to the customer service